GhettoVCB Restores and Windows Server 2012

An issue can occur when Windows 2012 systems are restored from a GhettoVCB backup that was taken when the source VM was powered on. The system will fail to boot with error status code 0xc000000e.

The cause appears to be related to the coordination between VMware Tools, Volume Shadow Service and GhettoVCB during the VM quiescing process. As a part of that process, attributes of affected volumes are modified at the start and reverted back when the process is complete (more info here). GhettoVCB appears to take a backup at the wrong point in the process meaning that the attributes on the backup copy of the volumes are incorrect.

A restored system with this issue can be repaired by booting into the Windows Recovery Environment command prompt from the Windows Server 2012 DVD (“Repair your computer”->Troubleshoot->”Command Prompt”) and running the following commands:

Reboot into the Windows Recovery Environment command prompt once more and run:

The system should now boot correctly.

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