Open Audit

Open Audit is an Open Source application distributed under the Creative Commons license to provide a hardware and software inventory of systems on your network. It uses Windows VBScript and Linux BASH scripts on the client to post audit info to a PHP/MySql server application.

The application comes with a number of built-in queries and reports for examining the audit data and is easily extensible if you don’t mind rolling your own code.

What I like is the fact that it doesn’t need a client agent installing on your systems, in fact Windows systems can be audited remotely.

I have to declare an interest as I am a contributor to the project, but if you’re looking for a budget auditing solution you might want to consider it.

The project website can be found here and hosts well supported forums if you run into problems. If you do choose to try it out, I highly recommend obtaining the latest code from the Subversion repository.

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